I am a stained glass artist. I make stained glass windows, painted glass vessels and fused glass murals. I fabricate my own work because it is as important to me to be a good craftsman as it is to be a good artist.

Because I am an architect as well as an artist, I think I am quite sensitive to the idea that the glass should build upon and enhance the architecture. I began working in public art because more than many other arts, stained glass is an art that needs to be integrated into its setting and the public art process allows that opportunity.

My work is a colorful, joyous mix of the abstract and the recognizable. My windows often incorporate clear glass so that they function as transparent screens between interior and exterior. I work with handmade German glass and add detail with painting and acid etching. I work with glass because I love the transparency, the rich color, the reflections and most importantly the interaction with light.  My goal has been to make modern contemporary glass.


Maureen Melville received her BA degree in Art History from the University of Chicago and a Master of Architecture degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. For the past 20 years she has pursued a career as a public artist. She has won numerous commissions for stained glass windows and fused glass murals for institutions around the country.  Her work is in schools, libraries, health centers and recreation facilities.  She has taught stained glass classes and was a teaching assistant for Mark Angus this past summer at Pilchuck Glass School.  She has participated in many glass workshops taught by Cappy Thompson, Albinus Elskus, Dan Fenton and Ken Van Roenn among others.